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Since it not only PC - professionals among us gives, this small guidance is to help those, which would have gladly a new barrier PAPER on their Desktop, but does not know like it it to make to be supposed.

The barrier PAPERS it downloaden free of charge here can, are present in three different sizes, thus for each usual dissolution of monitor the suitable barrier PAPER are present. Monitor kind of condition is to the Zeit 1024 x 768 for 17 tariff of monitors, 1280 X 1024 for 19 tariff and 1600 x 1200 pixels for 20 tariff, or larger monitors.

If they do not know which dissolution their monitor have, they can determine that easily. In such a way click they first all windows too, which have them openly, or minimize them (right above in the window the horizontal line in the window) that the Desktop surface to only see are. Then they click to characteristics with the right mouse button simply on a place within the picture it the straight before itself have and afterwards auf. Now a tab appears before you, in which they find on the right of the word attitudes. Whereupon they click. Now they can see under the sliding control, to which dissolution your monitor is adjusted and this dissolution to change if necessary.

If they liked to downloaden free of charge a barrier PAPER, they need to click only on the number (1600 x 1200 - 1280 x 1024 - 1024 x 768), which fits your dissolution of monitor, then load the picture highly. In order to get these barrier PAPERS on their computer, they click with the right mouse button on the picture and afterwards on Bild store under - -. now can you the barrier PAPER in a file of your choice store. To recommend the file is own files/own pictures --

The first step is done. The barrier PAPER is now on its Desktop. Now you need to install the picture only as PC - surface.

In addition they proceed as follows. Click they again with the right mouse button on a place within the picture it before itself on your Desktop have. Afterwards on    

                  - - Characteristics -- und in the tab on Desktop --

Now it should be able to see monitor an illustration within tabs of the window. If, they click on - scanning - the Button. Jetzt they look for the file -- own files/own pictures -- and make one doubleclick with the left mouse button on the background picture it the straight down loaded. This appears then in the monitor image. Click they on - - OK ONE - und its new PC background picture is installed.

No fear, it is more easily than it reads itself here.

Tap: If you liked to see a background picture or a barrier PAPER immediately on their monitor, need only on the number (e.g. 1280 x 1024)vom desired picture to click, then the Wallpapaer opens. Now with - right mouse button - into the picture click, when select background, finished.

This side stands only at the beginning and it in the course of the time of still hundred barrier PAPERS and background pictures for its Desktop to will come so that the selection continues to increase to good background pictures.

All barrier PAPERS it find here, always free of charge, free of charge, without registration and will remain in vain.

All barrier PAPERS are suitable also for Window Vista.

Much fun with the new barrier PAPER on their Desktop

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